King of Sweden pledges Half Million Dollars for Indonesian Scouts

During his first visit to Jakarta as Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation, the King of Sweden today pledged USD 500,000 to help scouts in Indonesia become “Messengers of Peace”.

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden has been a Scout all his life, and in his role with the World Scout Foundation helps to inspire scouts to do amazing things. Since 2001 His Majesty, together with HM King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, has led an initiative called Messengers of Peace. The two Kings have inspired over 10 million Scouts in 110 countries around the world to work for a more peaceful world and help breaking down barriers between people of different cultures and faiths to heal wounds in their home communities.

Indonesia is among the world leaders in this programme. With its 21 million members, the largest national scout organization in the world, Gerakan Pramuka this week pledged to recruit 2 million member as “Messengers of Peace”.

Under the leadership of Chairman Prof. Dr. dr. H Azrul Azwar MPH, Gerakan Pramuka has enhanced scout physical and mental activities in the camping grounds and has actively participated in various community developments. It also has a forefront participation in responding to daily community issues throughout the country – from basic health to environment challenges up to natural disasters such as the tsunami in Aceh, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Central Java and West Sumatera and the floods in Jakarta.

“The work these young people do is amazing – the scouts in Indonesia have designed projects which make their communities better places to live” said John Geoghegan CEO of the WSF. The Swedish King has been so impressed with the reports he has received of their actions that he has come to Indonesia to see for himself. He will meet Scouts in Jakarta, Central Java and Yogyakarta.

His Majesty will hand over a cheque for USD 500,000 to the young leaders of Indonesian Scouting (Gerakan Pramuka) to help them implement their Messengers of Peace programmes and strengthen the capacity to develop community leaders for tomorrow.

His Excellency President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will also greet His Majesty. On January 31, 2012, the President as Chief Scout of Gerakan Pramuka will hand over the highest scout rank Tunas Kencana Award to His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf.
Together, they will inspire further young people worldwide to action.

More information is available at www.pramuka.or.idwww.scoutmessengers.organd;
Ms. Septembri Yanti- 0812 9650 663 (Kwarnas Gerakan Pramuka)
Mr. John Geoghegan- 0812 1347 6822

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