JOTA-JOTI for Newbies

The number of persons taking part in the “Jamboree On The Air – Jamboree On The Internet” (JOTA-JOTI) increases by around 15% every year. Nevertheless newbies might be a little disappointed or frustrated the first time that they participate.

To help them, we have tried to explain here in a very short, simple and didactic manner what JOTA-JOTI is about and how, step by step, you can get the best out of participating.

JOTA-JOTI is the biggest World Scout Event (around 750.000 participants in 2010) and can certainly be one of the most exciting annual activities you can organize to during a Scouting year…

It is definitely an occasion when you can use every modern means of communication to propagate the true Scouting spirit!

Please keep in mind the mission of the JOTA-JOTI event:

“Bringing Scouts from all over the world together by means of electronic communication, creating awareness, understanding and friendship with people outside their normal living environment.

Stimulating interest in the technology used for the communication and developing the understanding and knowledge of these technologies.”

1 / Step one : Organize your event

Participation is highly encouraged for Scouts Groups (although individual participation is possible).

JOTA-JOTI is a 48-hour worldwide held over the third weekend in October each year (from Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 local time no matter where you live). It’s a good idea to organize a local event during these two days (a Scout meeting or even better a Scout week-end) in which all Scouts from your group can participate.

This will help you to share the equipment and to plan other activities based around the same theme.

To help you get started, you can find out about this year’s activities and select some of them to undertake with your Scouts.

Scouts enjoy getting badges: You can order the JOTA-JOTI badges from the World Scout Shop and distribute them to your Scouts at the end of the week-end. (NB: A new badge is produced every year)

2 / Step two : Get the equipment ready

For a JOTA Station, you will need the help of a local licensed Radio Amateur. Regulations about the use of amateur radio equipment vary from one country to another, so this person will be best placed to advise you and will usually come with all the needed equipment. Alternatively, you can organize a meeting at their place. The main goal is to make it possible at one point for Scouts to talk with other Scouts using radio equipment under the supervision of a qualified operator.

More information about JOTA equipment

For a JOTI Station, you need to set up an Internet Connection with at least one computer connected to the Internet. A small computer network is generally a good idea so that 2 or 3 Scouts can share one computer.

More information about JOTI equipment

Depending on the operating system in use, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), which is very popular during JOTI for Scouts to communicate around the world with Scouts from different countries, can require a dedicated piece of software. It may also be possible to connect directly using your web-browser and a Java-applet.

You can also use a web-cam if you have one to broadcast images from your Station.

More information:

3 / Register your Station

Whether you’ll be participating in JOTA or JOTI (or both), as a “Group” or as an “Individual”, you should register your participation at

Registration is not mandatory but is highly recommended. It gives you access to various tools that will ease your participation and enable you to reserve a nickname for your use throughout the weekend.

After registering, you will have unlimited access to the available tools including:

  • Username/Nickname protection
    When you register your chosen username or nickname for the event, you’ll need to provide a password to use it. No one else can than you can use your nickname. Even if you have to disconnect for a period (e.g. to get some sleep!), you’ll be able to re-join the fun later using the same identity, which will help in the process of building global friendships during the weekend.
    It’s always a good idea to register your station well in advance to avoid the peaks of connections that occur during the event itself and which can result in very slow response times from the server at times.
  • Temporary email address
    Protecting privacy and security is an important consideration when planning your participation. Your registration provides you with a temporary email address. All messages sent to this temporary address during the JOTA-JOTI event will be forwarded to your “real” email account. in this way, your personal email address need never be exposed during the event and your temporary address will be disabled automatically one month after the event.
  • Search Stations
    You can search for a Station or list all station in a Country, (might be very useful to help planning a camp in that country)
  • Jampuz
    A very popular game based on the exchange between participants of their JID (Jota-joti IDentification). You can collect the JID of each group you are talking to or chatting with and register these contacts on Your Bingo card will you show you the level you have achieved. Achieving certain levels will give the option to download a certificate. It0snot all about numbers though. Keep in mind for our Scouts that the quality of communications on a global scale is just as important as the quantity of contacts you may make.
  • Google earth
    During the registration process, you’ll been ask to indicate your location (optional). This world map will show you the name and location of all registered station during the event.
    The map is accessible on-line or can be downloaded and saved in Google Earth.
  • Weblog
    You can create a web log of your station to explain what activities you’ve organised and publish some pictures. After the JOTA-JOTI all weblogs are published on a DVD. Depending on your national JOTA-JOTI organisation, you can receive a copy against a small fee or for free.

4 / Hello World!

Everything is ready and from any time after midnight, your time, on the first day you can start talking/chatting with Scouts from around the globe, run activities with your Scouts (some countries organize dedicated activities, treasure chess, contest or on-line games) and use the JOTA-JOTI servers to report your activities and results.

If you are having difficulties to connect, you can get help from others participants on some Facebook groups:

English – French – Spanish – Arabic

5 / Report

Apart from the web-logs run directly by Scout groups on the web site itself, National JOTA-JOTI Organizers (NJOs) should report about the various activities they have organized in their respective country. You can help them to prepare their reports by sending them information and simple statistics such as the number of Scouts which took part in your activities soon after the event closes.

The full list of all NJOs is available here

6 / Leave nothing but your thanks

JOTA-JOTI is organized by a network of volunteers that works very hard to plan, organize, manage and facilitate your participation. They are involved in setting-up the required equipment and infrastructure (Radio Stations and Internet Servers), moderating the various IRC Channels, co-coordinating the participation of Scouts in every country, and of course, reporting every year about the activities they have organized and the total numbers of Scouts that have taken part in their country.

Without their incredible commitment, energy and involvement, the world’s largest annual weekend event for young people would simply not be possible!

So, please, don’t forget to thank them.

7 / Get ready for next year!

Note to self: “Don’t miss this opportunity when it comes around again next year!”


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