Boy Scouts teach leadership lessons

By Brianne Eichman
Staff writer
1-866-362-2161 Ext. 13870

Published: Thursday, September 22, 2011 5:06 PM CDT

La PORTE — Alexander Kelsey, a 15-year-old Star Scout, held his hand up in salute as he repeated the Scout law, “A boy scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, thrifty, clean and reverent.”

Alexander has been involved in Boy Scouts since he was in first grade, and he believes it teaches him responsibility and leadership. This includes taking part in fundraising activities and a meeting once a week.

“Our troop, as a fundraiser, will pick up trash at the La Porte County Fair,” said Alexander. “We get paid for that, and a majority of the money goes to the troop.”

Daniel Carpenter, District Executive of the Boy Scouts of America La Salle Council, said fundraisers are a good way to teach the boys about a Scout’s core values.

“You can’t just give it all to them,” said Carpenter. “That way it teaches them responsibility.”

Daniel said other fundraising ideas the boys have done include car washes, popcorn sales, chicken and spaghetti dinners, washing dishes and cleaning tables.

Daniel also said the biggest thing the boys participate in is the national and world-wide Jamboree, a large gathering of Scouts.

Alexander said the Jamboree was the most interesting thing he has been able to do since he’s been with the Boy Scouts. When he went last year, they were celebrating its 100th year anniversary.

“Every district had their own troop that came,” said Alexander. “There were 35 troops in each sub camp.”

Alexander said his sub camp was numbered 1232. He said there were approximately 45,000 kids attending.

At the Jamboree, Alexander said he earned many of his patches through various activities, and he even traded items with Scouts from Kenya.

“A lot of people would trade their patches,” said Alexander.

Alexander’s father Steve Kelsey is the Potawatomi Unit Organizer for the Boy Scouts, and he was pleased to see his son attend the Jamboree.

“A lot of the boys cannot afford to go to the various camps and Jamborees so we have scholarships that are also called camper-ships,” he said. “United Way will pay through their funding; a portion, if not all, of the boys way.”

Steve Kelsey said he believes it was a good choice for Alexander to be involved in the boy scouts, as he sees firsthand the affects of the program. He said he can think of many boys who were involved in the Boy Scouts who went into police work, politics and who even became astronauts.

“It’s teaching the boys to make leadership choices, but also leadership in leading the others,” said Steve.

For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, call Daniel Carpenter at (574) 289-0337. ext. 307., or visit them online at


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