Google Adwords Made Easy by Wotzgnu in Advertising

Most web site owners and developers simply don´t have time to fully master the vast profit potential of Google Adwords advertising.

But even if you could squeeze out the time it requires to manage a complex Google Adwords account profitably, you would make a LOT MORE MONEY testing ways to boost your sales conversion rate… NOT monitoring bids several times per day, day after day… after day after day.

Here´s what Wotzgnu in Advertising can do for you to kickstart your Adwords account management:

– Keyword research to find highly targeted keywords specifically related to your products and services

– Competitive intelligence to spy on your competitor´s keywords and best performing ads to give you an unfair advantage
– Develop an extensive campaign level negative keyword list which will boost your clickthrough rates up to 50% in 24 hours
– Strategically place negative keywords at the ad group level to ensure that your most targeted ad is shown for every search
– Optimize your CTR, Adwords quality scores, conversion rates and ROI, while lowering your average CPC and cost per action
– In-depth site review to pinpoint landing page weaknesses and discover potential factors to split test using Website Optimizer
– Develop a profitable bid strategy to maximize your ROI
– Attract highly qualified, targeted visitors to increase your website conversion rates and minimize your cost per action
– Optimize your Adwords campaigns manually 365 days per year

– Make sure you maintain high quality scores and CTR so you´ll never pay Google more than necessary
– Eliminate unprofitable keywords & ads that can destroy your ROI – making the difference between profits or losses on your bottom line

Contact us today and see what a difference a professional campaign can do for your business


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