3rd World Scout Interreligious Symposium

3rd World Scout Interreligious Symposium – Kampala, Uganda, 21st to 25th October 2009


      The 3rd World Scout Inter-religious Symposium (WSIS) will be held from 21st to 25th October 2009 inSpeke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda. This event will be organised by the World Scout Inter-religious Forum (WSIF), an informal network of religious groups/organisations in Scouting and will be jointly hosted by International Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS) and The Uganda Scouts Association.

      Members of the WSIF would like to emphasise that the programme for this event will be suitable and interesting for older members of the Youth Sections and young adults, in addition to adult volunteers. National Scout Organisations (NSOs) are requested to identify participants under 30 years of age who would be interested in participating in this event. It will be especially good if some participants are under 30 years of age.

      Worldwide, engaging in peaceful inter-religious dialogue has probably never been as important as it has become today. Following suggestions and recommendations from previous Symposiums, the WSIF and representatives from the Educational Methods Committee (of the World Scout Committee) have prepared a new approach with emphasis on the Scout Method, especially for the educational content of the event.

      The Programme of the Symposium is being developed to be inclusive for Scouts from varied age groups and backgrounds.

      For more information about the event, the venue and the host country Uganda, please visit the web-site prepared by the joint hosts of the event (Uganda Scouts & IUMS): www.wsis2009.org

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